I have a dream 4

At English lesson we were working with Lola some important moments in American's life :


Mandela in class

then we made some clouds with our DREAMS

I have a dream 1


I have a dream 2


I have a dream 3

At grade 1 we made some Peace symbols at Art lessons


 Finally we learned a poem by Judith Gorgone FRIENDSHIP HAS NO BORDERs and we decided to RAP it at our PEACE DAY CEREMONY

peace poem






Op Art is a vissual art where you can see  movement..., at grade 5 we were having a look how to make them in our blog Ready, steady, blog and then we made some cones and hands


op art 1



op art 2




We were making some activities before Christmas Holidays, you can hace a look to them:

At grade 2 we made some Snowmen:


We have decorated our class door:

 Class door

We made a big tree at the entrance with eggs boxes and old CDs:

 Entrance tree

We had fun making a Xmas tree with Shaving Cream and paints:


Finally we wish you a Merry Xmas :


winter birds 1

At grade 1 and  2 we were talking about Winter and the differences between the four seasons, then at Art lessons we have created some nice Winter Birds.


We only needed  a circle and added some decorations. 

winter birds 2


winter birds 3


Birds 2



Our language asistant, Lola, explained us how they celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA and then we made some crafts to celebrate at school this day.

Now you can click on this picture and play a game

thanksgiving game

At grade 2 they made some crafts in Art Lessons

 And at Grade 5 we made some Thanksgiving turkeys where we had written our gratefu for our...

 thanksgiving 1

thanksgiving 2



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