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The lighthouse is grey because it is made of cement.It is 3 metres high, there is a stone banister around it. When you get to the lighthouse you can have a look, the views are amazing. 



Landscape interest


From this point you can see: in front of you Monte Louro and the Ría of Muros and Noia. On the left is the town of Porto do Son and the beach of Caveiro and on the right Aguieira beach. The views make this place a tourist attraction. Each year hundreds of people come here.


Access: It is an easy walk. 


Vegetation: There are a lot of trees in the area, mainly pines. The path is rocky so you must be careful.



Views: ou can see the town of Muros on the other part of the estuary, Monte Louro and other villages.






After leaving the faro you arrive at a small church next to the main road. The distance from the lighthouse is 1.1 km. It is an easy walk.

This stop is Loreto´s Chapel. The church divide two parishes. The parish of San Vicente de Noal and the parish of Santa María de Nebra. They celebrate a famous “fiesta” here on the 9th of September.

In the past the “fiesta of Loreto” used to be celebrated in this chapel.

Nowadays a lot of people come to the celebration so the mass is in The “Picnic Area” or “Campo do Loreto”.




The EDAR is 500 m away from Loreto´s Picnic Area. It is a short walk of about 6 minutes with no difficulties. You can see lots of trees, birds, insects and even reptiles along the way.

In this place the water is renewed. The process takes 30 minutes.

A guide can explain how the dirty water gets to the plant and the process it goes through until it returns to the rivers and seas. It supplies water to the town of Porto do Son and the nearby villages. The extension of this water treatment plant is approximately 788 metres.


After leaving the EDAR we go on walking until we get to the beach of Agueira.







We walk during approximately 2 km until we get to the beach.

It is a beach of soft, white sand with 1700 metres long and 30 metres wide when the tide is low. It has got four car parks, rubbish bins, public toilets and some beach bars.

In this area there is also a school of surf, in case you want to practise this sport.

In the distance you can see a small island with an old salt factory which is linked to the beach by a bridge. Near the island is a pier but of private access. The river Cans divides the beach in two parts.


After leaving the beach we get to the last stop which is the village of Cans in Nebra.



Cans is a small village of 58 inhabitants situated in the town of Porto do Son. The distance from the Aguieira beach is 850 meters and it takes about 11 minutes on foot. Here there are interesting monuments:

There are the typical Hórreos which are stone barns where farmers store the corn they pick up from the fields.They are characteristic because they aren’t on the floor.


There is a Martyrs plate”:This plate is a tribute to the martyrs of Cans who died in Nebra. Five farmers were shot by Police Agents in the Bridge of Cans , in the the parrish of Nebra on the 12th of October in the year 1906.



“The typical Washing Place”


This is a place where women wash their clothes.



The River Cans


This is the largest river in the town. It is a quiet river which flows into the Aguieira beach a few metres after the intersection with the River Quintáns.



The Wind  Mills

They are places usually next to a river used to grind the corn using the energy from the wind or water.


In Cans farmers mill the corn that they later store in the barns of Cans.





We will start our walk from the car park outside the school and we go to the “Faro de Caveiro” which is our next stop.   You go from the school to the main road AG550 and then you take the first road on the left, it is the Noal road and  it is just before the Petrol Station. Then you walk towards the beach but you must  take the first turning on the right and then walk along a path until you get to another road. After that you turn left and you go straight ahead and up forwards the lighthouse or Faro de Caveiro.





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Nestes días da Semana Cultural, unha parte do alumnado de 1º de Bacharelato atópase de viaxe en Edimburgo, organizada polo departamento de Inglés. Alí están visitando a cidade vella (Old Town), o Castelo de Edimburgo, Holyroodhouse, o Real Xardín Botánico, Dean Village, pasean pola Royal Mile ( o corazón da cidade), fan un Ghost Tour e, como non...!, non podía faltar a excursión ao lago Ness! 

As fotos falan por si mesmas!


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