My Trip to Japan

Come listen to language assisstant Eithne Keane speaking about her recent trip to Japan!

In this one-hour talk Eithne will be sharing her experiences has a tourist in Japan. Well, at least the driver's seat was on the right side (if you're Irish!)

Thursday November 22nd 2018

Vite (Salón de Actos): 10:00 and 11:00.
Sar (Salón de Actos): 18.30 and 19:30.

Concurso de minisagas. Sección de Ribeira.

A gañadora do concurso de minisagas é Alicia Pardal Pazos, alumna de Básico 1 da sección de Ribeira. Parabéns!!!

Este é o seu relato:

The “terrible” kidnapping of little Sally

    She was a normal girl, with a normal life, on a normal day. But when she woke up, she opened her eyes and she saw a different place. Her closet and her friend Teddy weren’t there. Everything was strange. Where was she?

    – Come on Sally! The amusement park awaits us.

Växholm, Sweden: Vote in the Photo Caption Contest!

Xa temos gañadora do concurso de fotografía da viaxe a Estocolmo: Cristina Benítez Canosa, alumna de Intermedio I de inglés. Parabéns!!

"Where the sky touches the sea. In a place called Vaxholm, Sweden"
CCO Creative Commons

Växholm, Sweden: Vote in the Photo Caption Contest!

Xa estamos de volta da viaxe que o alumando de inglés fixemos a Estocolmo. Agora pedímosvos a todos e a todas que votedes pola vosa foto e pé de foto favoritos no Växholm Photo Caption Contest. Son fotos que tomaron os alumnos/as durante a visita á illa de Váxholm, no arquipélago de Estocolmo.

Pub Quiz in Ordes

Learn about the history of British Pubs and take part in our Pub Quiz.

Wednesday, 18 April, 19:00 – 20:00.

Mini saga contest

Ever wanted to write but don't have time? Can you write a story in exactly 50 words? Enter our mini saga contest and win a fabulous prize. Send us your mini saga and vote for your favourite one. Have fun writing and reading them!

Deadline: April 9th to April 22nd

Voting will be enabled until April 29th

Winner announcement: April 30th

EOI de Santiago - Sección Ribeira

Talk - Northern Ireland: Brexit and the Irish Border with William Keers


William Keers grew up on the Irish border. The border and related issues have been central to his life.

Advanced and C1 students are welcome to this unique talk!

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018, at 18:30 h in the Salón de Actos do IES de Sar.


Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

shamrockCome and learn all about St. Patrick’s Day. This world famous festival started in Ireland and then conquered the world! Discover the traditions and history of St. Patrick’s Day. Eithne, the English teacher from Ireland, will help you learn some interesting facts about St.

Cultural talk: Party Like a Scot

Come learn what makes Scots so crazy! Come and discover some traditional Scottish celebrations - whisky, dancing, fire are all an important part of the traditional Scottish New Year’s celebrations. Add some delicious haggis to the mix, and you have Burns night. Don’t know what these are?

Cultural talks: Scotland (Vite) / Pop Music (Sar)

Come listen to James Orange-Bromehead, courtesy of Oxford University Press.

     “Fàilte air Alba!  Welcome to Scotland!”: A virtual tour of the geography, history and culture of this beautiful country. An interactive talk with videos, images and a final quiz.

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