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You must take a scary picture ( it is not allowed to download files from the Internet) , it can be a place, a situation , a person , a monster... whatever!!!

You can use any tools to make the picture more scary ( photoshop.....)

There will be different categories: 

1. The most terrorific one

2. The most original one

3. The funniest


You must include a caption in English.

When you upload the photo ( pdf ) make sure you write your class and name as a tittle. Ex:



Last day 29 October!!!!

Entrega dos diplomas do "Scary Picture Contest" 2022

Neste Samaín 2022, o departamento de Inglés organizou un concurso de fotos arrepiantes, o Scary Picture Contest. Velaquí están as persoas premiadas. Parabéns!


EduExchanges 2021/2022

Para visualizar o vídeo final preme no seguinte enlace EduExchanges 2021/2022

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