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"The Book Nook" is here again!  We are in the third season and this is the seventh episode of this fascinating radio programme, made for and by students in year 6.

After an entire term of recordings, research, interviews, opinions, meetings and hard work, we have released the first show of this school year 2023-2024. And the results are amazing! Thank you so much to all the collaborators for your effort. 

This season will be entirely dedicated to the project we are developing in our book clubs. Under the title"Globetrotters", we will travel the world with our readings to learn the costumes and traditions of some English speaking countries.

In the presentation below you can listen to the entire programme or go directly to a specific section:

1. Intro: summary

2. "Speak out": a survey section to give your opinion about a simple question

3. "Our book Clubs": with members of Bookworms and BookLand.

4. "Meet the place": in this ocassion we will travel to salem, The Witch Town.

5. "Enchanted landscapes": a section related to the PDI, this time we will define the essence of the forests, one of the identity signs of Galicia.

6. "Our natives count": we will listen to a message by the British consul in Galicia, Mrs. Susan Smith.

7. Outro: farewell.

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