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European projects 2017-2018

Engaging students in the learnin process through innovation

1st project meeting




Step by step (a project for primary school  about how to introduce robotics, Coding and computational thinking  in students curriculum) (website will be publish soon)

CPI O Cruce is a multilingual school included in the multilingual programme of the Xunta de Galicia and in the ABALAR Programme ( use of 1:1)

CPI O Cruce is a school that has participated in lots  of European projects since 1997 ( 20 years running European Projects), and in 2011, the school got the NATIONAL AWARD IN   INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS IN SPAIN. In 2003, 2005 and 2006 the school was awarded the European Label for "Innovative Projects in Language teaching and learning". Our school has also published a range of e-learning materials. We are engaged in a number of other activities which include six teachers from our school working with an ICT research team at the University of Santiago. 

Every year students and teachers take part in traning programmes in different European countries

The schools is implementing the European framework of key competences; students need 8 key competences to :

- succeed in a knowledge-based society and life-long learning

- promote creativity, competitiveness, employability and the growth of an entrepreneurial mind 

- to combat school failure

- to develop strategies how to improve  active learning and facilitate acquiring those competences by:

a-new methods (e.g. learning through practise,)

b- new ways of organising learning (Schools design student-centred instruction; proactive learning)

c- new materials (e.g. e-learning materials)

d- updating assessment methods, e-portfolio

Students benefit from new methods, materials, etc.,  cooperate with international peers doing common project(s) emphasizing key competence(s) (international level); use active learning methods such as problem-based learning, case methods,  projects, simulations, and technology uses; enhancing creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship at all levels of education and training.

The school has participated in the project ICT go girls to implement entrepreneurship and its works have been  selected as example of Best Practices and presented in the Final conference in Brusels october 2014.

The school  is participating in the project EUfolio an innovation project K3

The school has been selected as a case study in the project ATS2020 and will represent the Spanish piloting in the conference in Brussels, the 2nd February 2018

Our works have been selected by the University of Krems as an example of Best Practices and presented in varios conferences in Europe.

The CPI O Cruce has a number of general objectives:

a. To implement foreign languages, CLIL methodologies.

b. To align school practice with the idea of key competences..

e. To implement innovative teaching and learning of key competences  

f. To  Integrate ICT into teaching and learning

h. To promote an awareness of the importance of acquiring key competences and 21st century skills . 


 websites of the projects carried out  in 2016-2017


Booktrailers Festival



Proxecto Patrimonio

Proyecto de teatro

Proxecto de formación do profesorado





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