English Language

Storytelling around the world September

Storytelling around the world, a new project for a new school year. We will be learning about culture, lifestyle and literature. We will also have virtual meetings with our partner school from Italy, Poland and Turkey.

First virtual meeting 26th October Y6 students will meet Italian students during a virtual meeting.

Ellie is at school

First week with Ellie our language assistant from Texas.

Oral presentations, games and also singing and dancing.

Storytelling around the world


These are the videos to help Team leaders make the bracelets.
Find your celtic knot in the playlist below

End of school year

This presentation has lots of resources to keep you busy during Summer time.

Enjoy the holidays!!

Book report by Y4

Y4 students have been working very hard and this week they are presenting their book report. Most of them chose a pizza book report and a few of them a book report brochure.

A special thanks to the families for their support during this activity.

They are all amazing. Congratulations!! You must be very proud of your work.

Describing monsters by Y2B

Y2B students learning prepositions

A few words chair and table, some prepositions on under behind between and some music.

Learning prepositions and having fun.

Role play- At the restaurant Y3

We will soon share a video of our English restaurant.

Y3 Students are at the restaurant.

Y3 students designing a restaurant menu

Students check different menus from restaurants around the world.

Italian, Japanese Mexican... restaurants.

The result a very multicultural display.



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