Arts and crafts

First days _ Art portfolios

Students  have been working very hard on their art portfolios.  

we will post pictures of the proud artists very soon


Spin the wheel and have fun with art

Cardboard challenge- games at break - Y3

Y3 students tried games made by Y4, Y5 and Y6. 
They enjoyed a playtime where creativity and imagination went beyond limits.

Y2B, Y2A and Y1 will soon have a try after the mandatory quarantine at this time.


DigiCraft by Y5 and Y6

English language and Arts and crafts helping students to accomplished Digital Competence.

Draw your game by Y6 students

Toontastic- by Y5

Recycle Art by Y1

Y1 students work very hard during 3 sessions to complete a colourful egg carton Tetris.

Photography by Y6

Y6 students portrait practice. Check out a few examples : portrait in context & by the window.

Scratch Art by Y3

Y3 students prepared their black scratch paper. It was a bit messy but fun.

Getting the most from a great combination, oil pastels and the students' imagination.

Cardboard challenge

Our creative artists have almost finished their amazing projects.

We will soon present the final products.

Y5 and Y6 - Cardboard Challenge

Ready, steady, go...

Creative people find ways around obstacles. They see things differently.


According to the World Economic Forum, creativity will be the third-most-important skill for employees by 2020, behind complex problem-solving and critical thinking.


This afternoon students have been very creative as well as productive.

We are looking foward to see the final products.

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