Inmersión lingüística

Inmersión lingüística

Nas seguintes imaxes atópanse os enlaces das galerías fotográficas da viaxe do proxecto de inmersión lingüística en Busto de Bureba.
Busto de Bureba Busto de Bureba 2 Busto de Bureba 3
A huge thanks to  teacher -Enrique 
Best  chaperone ever
We can see you have also improved your English. Well done!!

Welcome back

On the way home

We have left the hostel at 11:00 am


At the moment We are having lunch 14:42 20km to Benavente

Talent show

Students have performed at the very last night at the hostel.
It was a great night by the light of  a few candles and torches.





One to one lessons

During the week students had the opportunity to interact individually with the teachers.

One to one lesson  (2 periods of 20 minutes each).

Games at the park

Students are at the park playing American football and baseball. This is their last afternoon at the camp.



Students have been cooking and learning about nutrition.

Here you can see how good they are tidying up after all the mess.

 Imcredients: Biscuits, cream cheese and Cocoa.

Izan’s birthday

Today we have an special event in the hostel " Izan's birthday'. Staff at the hostel are preparing something special to surprise him even though his friends have already surprised him during wake up time.


Fun at nighttime

 Can you find your son or your daughter?

Girls are doing some flips an boys are playing football.

by André Do Souto

Casa del parque

After the fun gymkhana Students have the chance to visit "la casa del parque". At the moment they are listening about how to take care of nature, what is the fauna and flora in the area and how to enjoy nature.

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