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Hello everyone

These days  the children of the first level are learning vocabulary related to "Classroom Objects".

We decided to prepare this short dialogue using this vocabulary.

As it was our first time... We were a bit shy, but we will keep doing it until we get used to it :) 



(Aquí podedes ver o diálogo que fixemos os nenos e nenas de primeiro para practicar o vocabulario relacionado cos obxectos da clase. Pasamos algo de vergoña, porque era a primeira vez que o facíamos!)


Fall leaves

Hello everybody and welcome to the new schoolyear!

Autumn arrived some days ago, so we decided to learn a short poem about it.

Hope you like it :) 

Happy Easter

Easter Postcards and crafts made by the 4th grade A students to wish you and our Comenius Friends a Happy Easter. These kids are awesome!

African Art for Peace Day

This year, our school decided to honour Nelson Mandela's life by celebrating the Peace Day around this character. In the Art Class, we created African designs made with black cards and colour chalks,  in order to get closer to the African culture and Mandela's background.

Pictures (4th grade A designs)

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