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International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Last Wednesday, 25th November, was a special day. It was the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women" and the children of the first level were talking about our hands.

We think that we can use our hands to play, to touch, to tickle, to write, to draw... but not to hit.

Our hands are made to love.


O pasado mércores, 25 de novembro, era o Día contra a violencia de xenéro, e os nenos e nenas de primeiro estivemos pensando para qué podemos usar as nosas mans: para acariciar, para abrazar, para facer cóxegas, para xogar, para escribir, para debuxar... para moitas cousas, pero nunca para pegar.

As nosas mans están feitas para querer.

Learning English!

Hello everybody, 

The children of the 2nd level were learning how to offer our help and how to thank in English. These children have very good manners. Have a look on the video!



The children of the third levels are learning vocabulary related to food and of course, how to order food and drinks in a restaurant.

This week the English classroom has become a restaurant, called "Vista Alegre Restaurant" and the children have become its waiters and customers.

          Have a look on the video...


The children of the 4th level present the "SUPERVISTALEGRINES". 

Here you can see the daily routine of these superchildren: ANTÍA, OLÍVER, VÍCTOR, RENATA and CHEN.


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by Dr. Radut