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Children love Easter.

In English and Art class, preschoolers and primary students reviewed vocabulary related to Easter, learned about other traditions and had fun with many different activities and crafts. Here are some of them...




Andy Warhol is one of the most famous artists in the world . He is part of the  Pop Art movement. He is famous for exploring popular culture in his work, using brands like Coca Cola and Campbell's Soup (one of his favourite things to eat) or famous people ( singers, actors, actresses, politicians,...)

Here is the presentation that the teacher prepared.  6th Graders watched it in class (click on the picture)


Click on two of his most famous pictures to know more about Andy Warhol and

Pop Art.





Convertimage:   With this online picture generator you

can create your own pictures with Andy Warhol effect.





3rd and 4th are drawing portraits.

Click on this portrait. It was painted by a Galician artist: Julia Minguillón


 October 2018


Welcome to a new school year! 

We have started October with Jesse, our language auxiliar. He is American. He is from ToledoOhio


Toledo is close to Toronto, Canada. That is the city where our last auxiliar Stephanie lives.

  They are only separated by Lake Erie.

Look for Toledo and Toronto on this map:


Children have started with lots of energy this year! We prepared a special activity for welcoming Jesse on his first day at school.

All the Primary children made this lovely and loooong mural:  



Jesse is going to give linguistic support in English to our students in Primary , during Art and English classes.

For introducing himself, he prepared an amazing presentation.

He explained lots of interesting things about Toledo (the "Glass City") and about himself. He talked about his state, family, hobbies, job, favourite things, pets,...


Here are some of the things he talked about in class:


Thank you, Jesse!! We are lucky to have you here... Children are going to learn a lot and have  fun with you this year!






Toronto, in Canada,  is the place where Stephanie lives.

1st graders made a collage of the city with the CN Tower and high skyscrapers.




June 2018


We wanted to take a photo with our language assistant to have nice memories of her stay in our school.



June 2018


Our students said goodbye to Stephanie, expressing their love, best wishes and thanks for her help. 

  Certainly, our Canadian language assistant is going to be in their hearts forever... She has been really charming with all the children.




We made a book with all the pictures that the kids drew for her.

Children: she loved all your drawings!!

They are wonderful!!


For the farewell, Stephanie made delicious Canadian cookies: mapple syrup cookies.
What a lovely girl!! Eveybody wants the recipe, of course...

Thank you, Stephanie, for this amazing year! Thanks for every moment in our Arts and English class and for sharing with us your sweetness, your art lessons, your culture, your favourite readings and games... everything!!
Have a nice summer and good luck in your new projects! You will be always in our hearts and we will miss you next year, you know... 
See you soon!


June 2018
During these last days with Stephanie, we have been playing  some traditional games with preschoolers and primary children: " Ring around the rosie",
"Button, button, who´s got the button?"
 "Stella Ella Ola"
This is the version Stephanie sang:
Stella ella ola, clap clap clap,
say es chico chico, chico chico clap,
say es chico chico, below, below,
the toilet over flows,
say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

"Duck, duck, goose"

We had really fun!
Some of the students watched a video based on one of her favourite books: "The paper bag princess", by Robert Munsch. Here is the story:


April 2018

April 23rd was Stephanie´s birthday. 5th and 4th graders wanted to give her a surprise. They themselves organized the party. Thank you, children!! You are so lovely!! And the cake was delicious...thank you, Zayra!




Lots of roses to celebrate Rosalía de Castro´s day!

The youngest children, 1st and 2nd Graders,  made their roses with eva foam in their Art class. All the others, from 3rd to 6th, made them with jumping clay. It was different and funny!


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