The T-Shirt Day

This was a nice activity we did in Primary , from 1st to 6th level. That day the children had to wear a T-shirt with a message written in English. Once in class, we read all the  messages with our language auxiliar, Stephanie. We had to write on a sheet our favourites and, after that, we designed our own T-shirt... 
This is the mural with all the works and the photos with their wonderful T-shirts


June 2018


We wanted to take a photo with our language assistant to have nice memories of her stay in our school.



June 2018


Our students said goodbye to Stephanie, expressing their love, best wishes and thanks for her help. 

  Certainly, our Canadian language assistant is going to be in their hearts forever... She has been really charming with all the children.




We made a book with all the pictures that the kids drew for her.

Children: she loved all your drawings!!

They are wonderful!!


For the farewell, Stephanie made delicious Canadian cookies: mapple syrup cookies.
What a lovely girl!! Eveybody wants the recipe, of course...

Thank you, Stephanie, for this amazing year! Thanks for every moment in our Arts and English class and for sharing with us your sweetness, your art lessons, your culture, your favourite readings and games... everything!!
Have a nice summer and good luck in your new projects! You will be always in our hearts and we will miss you next year, you know... 
See you soon!


June 2018
During these last days with Stephanie, we have been playing  some traditional games with preschoolers and primary children: " Ring around the rosie",
"Button, button, who´s got the button?"
 "Stella Ella Ola"
This is the version Stephanie sang:
Stella ella ola, clap clap clap,
say es chico chico, chico chico clap,
say es chico chico, below, below,
the toilet over flows,
say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

"Duck, duck, goose"

We had really fun!
Some of the students watched a video based on one of her favourite books: "The paper bag princess", by Robert Munsch. Here is the story:


April 2018

April 23rd was Stephanie´s birthday. 5th and 4th graders wanted to give her a surprise. They themselves organized the party. Thank you, children!! You are so lovely!! And the cake was delicious...thank you, Zayra!




March 2018

At school, little children are waiting for Easter Bunny. Will he hide chocolate eggs in the playground?


February 2018

4 year old children are learning about clothes vocabulary. They have really fun with Steve and Maggie. 


Dress up Teddy. It´s funny!!

"Put on your shoes" song


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