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the black cats


Poe´s book

This is our horrific book!!!!!

Poe´s book

Our cuties

We love them! Thank you Violeta for the design our beautiful bookmarkers!

Our cuties

Meeting 30th November

16/11/2023 09:52

Hello cats!

We are meeting again for our 2nd gathering on the 30th November during break. Remember it´s going to take place in the English Classroom, as usual. We love Poe, so we are going to read a bit more of his wonderful stories. For the upcoming session please try to read as much as you can of the following tales:

The Tell-tale heart

The Gold-bug 

The Cask of Amontillado.

If you didn´t have a chance to come to the 1st session on 2nd November you need to add The Black Cat to the list, too. 

Besides, we are having some problems with the books stock, apparently they are reprinting them! However, you can find them on the web. There is a website where you can read them online. It´s called

Have fun and enjoy Poe´s horrific short stories! 

See you soon.

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