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No apartado de TAREFAS NA CASA están os subgrupos 


                       1º ESO

                       2º ESO

                       3º ESO

                       4º ESO


As actividades están distribuídas por curso para que sexa máis visual e máis fácil atopar o que buscades.

Breaking News!

Hi Guys,

I know most of you are keen on football so we thought this might be of your interest:

Diario As: "Real Madrid confirm signing of Messi"

You can read the whole article on this link:

Tip of the day: Be careful with Google Translate!

Look what happens when you use Google to translate a sentence that is figurative!

Be careful because Google Translate will translate the sentence literally!

Think of another way to say it in Spanish before you translate it into English.

Anthony´s lockdown


Anthony says hello!

Click on the attached file 

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by Dr. Radut