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Proxecto Etwinning: Nivala (Finland) - Frións (Spain)


Proxecto Etwinning: Cheltenham (UK) - Nivala (Finland) - Frións (Spain)



Este curso académico o alumnado de 3º da ESO do IES Leliadoura está a tomar parte, xunto coa súa profesora, Marisa Triñanes, nun proxecto Etwinning.




Travelling Notebooks is a written project done in collaboration with other schools around Galicia. Diana Pastoriza, teacher at the satellite school of the EOI of Santiago in Ribeira (IES Nº1), asked us in October to take part in it and we agreed immediately.Below you can see our notebook and our contributions to other notebooks that arrived at our high school.

WEBQUEST "Starting your own business"

WEBQUEST: "Starting your own business"

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