Exchange of letters from Estonia


Hi everybody!

Last month, we decided to exchange letters with a school from Tallinn (Estonia) called Huvikool Britanica, caused to celebrate the Human Rights day.


When the teachers told the pupils about this activity, everyone said: Yes, the idea is awesome! Our students wanted to get to know, how the Estonian studients´lifeschool was. They desired to know about their favourite subjects; food; pieces of clothing; sports; languages spoken in their country; how was the weather like there; and of course, what they used to do in their spare time.


But, thinking about what to tell them, we found a problem: What was the language spoken in Estonia? Oh, no. They didn´t speak the Galician language; so, what we could do?



Ok, on the one hand, they didn´t speak Galician, neither Spanish. On the other hand we didn´t speak the Estonian language, so we concluded to write them in Galician and with the hand of our teachers send them the translations in English, because both, the Estonian and the pupils from Buño could understand English. Furthermore, we had the Paloma´s helping hand. Paloma is the Estonian English teacher support, who is from Galicia, and who speaks and understands Galician perfectly, so she could read some lines in Galician; we considered it was a really good occasion to expand our culture and language thanks to Paloma. Thus, between Paloma and the English teacher from Tallinn, Jevgenia could do a great job!

So, go ahead!

We wrote the letters and drawn some pictures to decorate them and to show our penfriends why Buño is known. Yes, you know, because of our fantastic potters!


When we finished writting the letters, we sent them to Estonia...


And a week later...

Here there were!! The beautiful and lovely letters and gifts from our Estonian penfriends!!


Therefore, we started reading the letters...

In pairs, we read the wonderful Tallinn postcards.


One of us read in English and the other one translated in Galician.


Reading about our penfriends is a pleasure.

Have you seen the delightful pictures of Tallinn?

Some of us read alone.

Here, we show you the letters which read in class.

Dear penfriends, thank you for your charming letters and gifts!

We keep in touch! 

Special thanks from Buño to Jevgenia and Paloma for your collaboration and your hard work. You are great!