Actividade cultural - Dpto inglés

VER CARTEL Are you going to miss Carnival this year? Don't worry!

You still can dress up as your favourite film or tv series character.

Send us a picture (jpeg or png) plus a description of the character (pdf) before the 21st of February.
You can win a voucher to buy whatever book you like in the Librería Nobel. 

Actividade Cultural do Dpto Inglés

O departamento de Inglés organiza CONCIERTO EN STREAMING para este sábado 19 decembro ás 12.45. Disfrutade da música !!!!!!! AVISO: O CONCIERTO NON SE EMITIRÁ EN YOUTUBE. SERÁ A TRAVÉS DE FACEBOOK PREMENDO AQUÍ

Actividade do Dpto Inglés

  • Do you like singing? Don’t be shy! Singing in English is great for practicing your pronunciation!
  • Send us a video singing one of your favorite Christmas Carols in English? More info here
  • Send it before December 11th to:
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