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GuayEste venres, 28 de Abril, os alumnos de Inglés de 3º e 4º estivemos de excursión no centro de Inmersión Lingüística dos Peares!!!Risa

Pasamos un día xenial de xogos, auga, calor,natureza e diversión cos simpáticos monitores...e aprendemos e melloramos moito o noso inglés...

E para mostra aqui van unhas fotos...

Esperamos volver pronto! See you soon!



St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day is an Irish Holiday celebrated in Ireland and all over the U.K. as well the United States. It is celebrated every year on March 17th. St. Patricks Day is celebrated to honor the Irish culture and the patron saint of Ireland. His name was St. Patrick. It is a Day to celebrate luck. Each class learned about St. Patricks day by participarting in a St. Patricks Day activity.

In classes 1 and 2 the students made St. Patricks Day hats out of green paper. They decorated and colored drawingings of leprechauns, pots of gold, and shamrocks. These drawings were pasted onto the hats.

In class 3 the students decorated and colored templates of St. Patricks Day symbols such as: leprechauns, pots of gold, shamrocks, rainbows, and gold. These drawing were put together into a collage in the corridor to make a mural. 

In class 4 the students made leprechauns. The leprechaun bodies were made of green sticky paper and craft eyes. The hat was made of green, yellow, and black foam paper. The arms and the legs were made of green fuzzy sticks. The leprechauns were hung in the corridor.

In classes 5 and 6 the students were shown a powerpoint by Alice. While watching the powerpoint they learned about different St. Patricks Day traditions celebrated in the United States. After the students made shamrocks out of paper. First they wrote the phrase I am lucky because, on the stem of the shamrock. Then they had to write 4 reasons why they are luck on each leaf of the shamrock. Finally, they decorated the shamrocks and they were hung in the corridor to create one big shamrock.


The last 2 weeks the students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th have been preparing for Carnival by creating different animal masks. Each stuednt was given a mask template to cut out and various materials to decorate the mask. When finished the students attached an elastic band to the mask in order for them to be worn.

Class 1: The students created hippo and panda masks. The hippos were decorated with pink and silver paper. The pandas were decorated with different types of black paper, pink paper for the ears, and cotton.

Class 2: The sudents created zebra and giraffe masks. The zebras were decorated with differnt types of black paper and some pink paper for the ears. The giraffes were decorated with different types of brown, yellow, and orange paper. 

Class 3: The students created snake and eagle masks. The snakes were decorated with lentils, green and yellow paint, and red paper for the tongue. The eagles were decorated with different colored feathers and paper, as well as orange paper for the beak.

Class 4: The students created koala and racoon masks. The koalas were decorated with grey, black, white and pink paint, black felt paper, and cotton for the ears. The racoons were decorated with grey, black, and white paint, black felt paper, and cotton for the ears.



Valentine′s Day

Valentine′s Day is celebrated every year on February 14th. This year February 14th was on a Tuesday. Students of 5th celebrated Valentine′s Day in english class by watching a powerpoint presentation shown by Alice. While watching the powerpoint they learned about ways in which Valentine′s Day is celebrated in the United States. After the powerpoint students made valentine cards for their classmates. They used colored paper with typical colors of Valentine′s Day, such as red, pink, purple, white, and red.

At home the students decorated valentine′s boxes using colored paper and other materials relating to Valentine′s Day. They brought the boxes to class the following week.

The following week in class the students put their valentines cards one by one into their classmates boxes. At the end of the hour the students opened their boxes and read the cards they recieved.

Aula de Idiomas

Dende o departamento de Linguas Estranxeiras queremos presentarvos a nova aula de idiomas; totalmente equipada e que estamos poñendo en marcha, na que os alumnos están a aprender a lingua inglesa dun xeito novedoso, tecnolóxico, dinámico e interactivo...

Esperamos que vos gustes tanto como a nos...

Peace and non violence's Day

Este ano, o 30 de Xaneiro celebramos o Día da Paz e da Non Violencia, e dende a Sección Bilingüe "Arts and Crafts" contribuímos coa lectura dun poema bilingüe : "Andavía de papel máxico/Magic paper pinwheel" que foi recitado por Alice, en inglés, e polos alumnos de 4º en galego. Tamén construímos un muíño de vento, no que escribimos mensaxes de paz...Ademais decoramos as paredes do colexio con murais de palomas da Paz...

O final do día cantamos a canción de Abraham Mateo: "Lánzalo". Pasamos un día xenial no que conmemoramos o día da Paz mundial e intentamos transmitir os mellores valores de amor, amizade, bondade...posibles.





The week before Christmas break the students participated in different Chirstmas activities. The corridors were decorated with a design of santa. On the walls of the second floor santa was going down the chimney. On the walls of the first floor santa was coming out the chimney. After the students preformed songs they had practiced, Santa came to the school to greet the children and hand out candy.

Students of 1 and 2 learned vocabulary associated with a snowman. Then they were given a snowman template, and they were asked to color the snowman as they like using crayons. The finished snowmen pictures were displayed on the wall of the corridor in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Students of 3, 4, 5, and 6 were first shown a powerpoint made by Alice. They learned about christmas traditions in the United States. They also learned new vocabulary assisiated with Christmas. After they created a bingo board using the Christamas vocabulary and played bingo. 


Each year Thanksgiving is celebrated the fourth Thursday of November. This year Thanksgiving was on November 24th, 2016.

Students of 1, 2, and 3 created a drawing of a turkey using their hands. They traced their hand on white paper to make the turkey. Next, they learned about the word thankful and brainstormed what they were thankful for. For example: family, friends, food, school. On the body of the turkey drawing the students wrote the word thankful, and on the finger or feathers of the turkey the students wrote 4 words they were thankful for.

Students of 4, 5, and 6 were shown a powerpoint created by Alice about Thanksgiving. While watching the powerpoint the students learned about traditional foods, and traditons of Thanksgiving in the United States. After the powerpoint the students learned about the phrase, I am thankfor for, and brainstormed what they were thankful for. Next the studfents worked on an arts and crafts project to make a turkey out of colored paper. On the body of the turkey the students wrote I am thankfor for... and on the feather they wrote words they were thankfulful.




Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st.

The week of Halloween the students of 5, and 6 were shown a powerpoint by Alice about Halloween. They learned about types of costumes and traditions of Halloween in the United States. After the powerpoint they decorated their own jack-o-lanturns. Each student was given a jack-o-lanturn to decorate using various materials such as feathers, eyes, yarn, and colored paper. They created jack-o-lanturns with differnt styles of hair, eyes, and skin.

Students of 3 and 4 were shown a powerpoint by Alice showing step by step directions how to paint a monster mask. After the powerpoint the students were given a template of a mask and asked to create their moster mask. They used various material to decorate their masks and then cut them out to take home!


El Día de la Paz (Peace Day) is celebrated in Spain on the 30th of January. While this day was celebrated throughout the school, the English department conducted a special project of its own. Students made peace badges during arts and crafts class to wear on Peace Day. They created new peace symbols, drew them on their badges, and then decorated them with permanent markers. Students also learned new words related to peace such as harmony, friendship, love, and freedom.   
This project was planned and led by Dolores García Rodríguez, English teacher.

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