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Cans is a small village of 58 inhabitants situated in the town of Porto do Son. The distance from the Aguieira beach is 850 meters and it takes about 11 minutes on foot. Here there are interesting monuments:

There are the typical Hórreos which are stone barns where farmers store the corn they pick up from the fields.They are characteristic because they aren’t on the floor.


There is a Martyrs plate”:This plate is a tribute to the martyrs of Cans who died in Nebra. Five farmers were shot by Police Agents in the Bridge of Cans , in the the parrish of Nebra on the 12th of October in the year 1906.



“The typical Washing Place”


This is a place where women wash their clothes.



The River Cans


This is the largest river in the town. It is a quiet river which flows into the Aguieira beach a few metres after the intersection with the River Quintáns.



The Wind  Mills

They are places usually next to a river used to grind the corn using the energy from the wind or water.


In Cans farmers mill the corn that they later store in the barns of Cans.


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by Dr. Radut