CLEVER PANTS theatre for ESO and BAC

The presence of the English theatre compay CLEVER PANTS at school is always greatly  welcomed  . It means success , fun , entertainment and learning . Our students from the various levels enjoy their plays and their adaptations of classic plays full of laughter , good sense of humour and  good performance . It is a rewarding break for the students in their daily school life .

This year the company put on two different plays :
- What´s up , Romeo ? for the ESO students . A very modern and humorous adaptation of Romeo and Juliet  where mobiles , sms and modern music were present . The two actors and the actress did such a funny and appealing performance that the students couldn´t stop laughing and feeling deeply involved in the play . Once more it was  a big big success .
Pride and Prejudice ,by Jane Austen took our BAC students to the time in England when a single man in possession of a good fortune is in want of a wife , but again this " modern version " was full of good humour , much fun and giving their personal touch to a classical novel , which made the students burst  continously into laughter . Again when it was time to leave , the students wanted to keep enjoying the activity but everything comes to an end and so did this year´s performance of CLEVER PANTS . They are always counted a big success , so we hope we can enjoy their presence for long . Thanks for your good work .