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Due to the fact that Erin comes from LA (Where Hollywood is) we are developing a project about cinema! Therefore, our auxiliar designed a remarkable presentation about movies, then the teacher made four balanced groups of students and each one chose its favourite film. Later on, they had to cut, stick, draw, paint and look for info about the year, genre, and write a brief plot. Besides, Erin helped children approaching pronunciation as well as doing a stunning framework for the main poster. Eventually, each spokesperson presented her/his movie to her/his mates. However, this is not the end, there are going to be some remaining activities for the third term!



Third and fourth level students made clown ties to decorate the school for Carnival Time. Here is the result!


"The Four Corners"

We have been playing a game called "The Four Corners" in order to enhance our oral skills. Basically, our auxiliar chooses a child, who must stay with her/his eyes closed, while the others must move stealthily from one corner to another. At the end of a count to ten, the child says one word related to one corner, so the pupils in that place will be out! Check the pics!


We have two winners in the Begonte's Contest: Daniela Martínez Lorenzo and Xana Fraga Barcia (both of 4th level). They made a beatiful Christmas card and the prizes are 60 euros and a trophy and 30 euros and a trophy, respectively. CONGRATULATIONS!

Christmas time!

Erin told us about how she enjoys Christmas in the USA with her relatives, as well as the meals and desserts they cook. Moreover, the teachers designed some games in Wordwall like a quiz and a hangman, and decorated the door and outside walls. Furthermore, our auxiliar made some cookies for the teachers, they were actually yummy!!!

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