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We have two winners in the Begonte's Contest: Daniela Martínez Lorenzo and Xana Fraga Barcia (both of 4th level). They made a beatiful Christmas card and the prizes are 60 euros and a trophy and 30 euros and a trophy, respectively. CONGRATULATIONS!

Christmas time!

Erin told us about how she enjoys Christmas in the USA with her relatives, as well as the meals and desserts they cook. Moreover, the teachers designed some games in Wordwall like a quiz and a hangman, and decorated the door and outside walls. Furthermore, our auxiliar made some cookies for the teachers, they were actually yummy!!!


On this week we are enjoying Erin´s presentations about an American tradition like Thanksgiving. She explained the origin, as well as the most common dishes, and the outstanding parades in New York City. Besides, our children did drawings of the famous turkey on paper, like our gifted auxiliar did on the whiteboard!

Erin's presentations!

Our auxiliar, Erin, made different presentations in this first term: about herself, and another one, about Halloween! Due to her Mexican roots, she explained the bond between Samhain and Halloween in Galicia, Mexico and the USA. Later on, our kids visited the computer room to play some online games created by the teacher! Moreover, we decorated the door and walls with spooky motifs!



As every year, last Friday we celebrated " o magosto" with the rest of students. But, first, we had to prepare our baskets. In this occasion we reused a brick of milk and remains of aironfix. And... this was the result

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