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4th of ESO Fights Boredom

WINNING RECIPE: Cold Pasta by Miriam

Recipe: Cold Pasta

1. Boil some water.

2. Measure the pasta. 1 cup= 2 portions

3. Add to the boiling water the pasta. 8 to 10 minutes.

4. Cut some crab, cheese, jam, red pepper and onion.

5. Put everything in a bowl and add some tuna.

6. Sprinkle some olive oil and vinegar.

7. Mix well and let it cold down in the fridge before serving it.

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Listen, watch or read what the students of Bachillerarto believe to be the benefits of learning a language.


Listen to Manuel's words

Laura Paz, Santiago Otero, Xeila and Laura Fernández posters'


Ramiro's video

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