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Hello! que dirían os que falan Inglés.

Temos un montón de fotos da Inmersión Lingüítica que estamos facendo, tantas que non podemos colgalas todas do noso blog, si que, decidimos facer un apartado só para elas na nosa galería, Se premes neste vínculo irás directamente a ela

Nature Discovery Magazine

Hello dear friends!

Here we are again trying to start a new adventure. We are a group of 24 children of 5th and 6th grades taking part in this new experience. This time the newest  one: A Language Inmersion Week that is going to be held between 2nd October - 8th October in Guadalajara. Our partners in the  youth hostel where we'll stay are from Ceuta

There, we'll have a tight timetable, doing different tasks and activities related to nature and environment, you know, animals, plants, water, habitats and recycling. We prepared this blog in order to show you all we do during this time, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We'll do our best!

Please, click on the following link to access NATURE DISCOVERY MAGAZINE



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by Dr. Radut