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Neueste Technologien

Visio-Green connected weather station

The connected weather station collects various meteorological data, almost in real time. The data collected are: temperature, hygrometry, atmospheric pressure, rainfall and wind speed. The data is updated every 15 minutes. So, the farmer knows the precise weather conditions on his/her farm and can even consult the history of the data to better understand and facilitate his/her work.

Robotic Milking System (RMS)

Main purpose of Robotic milking system (RMS) is milking of dairy cattle. It allows complete automation of a very complex milking process which consists of many demanding tasks.

Self Driving Tractor

Self driving tractor with navigation GPS system Variotronic from Fend, helps in potato growing. All agrotechnical steps are made with optimal precision. This brings economical and time saving benefits.

Oz Jäten Roboter

Der Unkrautjäter hilft beim Jäten und Hacken, um die Wirtschaftlichkeit zu erhöhen und gleichzeitig die Umwelt zu schonen. Es wurde entwickelt, um die Arbeitsbedingungen zu verbessern und die tägliche Arbeitsbelastung zu reduzieren. Oz ist völlig autonom, aber es ist möglich, es zu führen.


Autofarm was born with the objective of simplifying the monitoring and management of livestock farms, combining an easy-to-use and comprehensible system with the possibility of obtaining large amounts of data in real time from any point to be monitored.


SMARTBOW locates your animals in the barn, detects heat and changes in rumination behavior. You get alerts on PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Your work is getting much easier and more profitable

by Dr. Radut