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Robot for wineyard monitoring

Wine is a very important production in Europe. For obtaining good wines with high added value, it is paramount to get grape yields with uniform quality. In order to achieve this, it is needed to monitor vines. So far, the available monitor methods were visual observation or random sampling of individual grapes. These methods do not provide completely reliable information on the cop. There are more accurate methods such as using multispectral sensors mounted on drones or airplanes. However, the low resolutions of the obtained data make them not attractive for wine growers.

Vinescout robot is the evolution of Vinerobot which was created to tackle the aforementioned problems. As the robot takes de data from the ground, It provides higher resolution images from which more accurate information can be gathered. The robot scouts the vineyard and takes data autonomously. It is endowed with a GPS, a camera and sensors which take geo-referenced multispectral information of the vines. The data area transferred to a computer wirelessly which processes them and produces maps on grape yield, vegetative growth, vineyard water status and grape composition. These data are transferred to a cell phone app so that the wine grower can constantly monitor the needs and status of the vineyard and take decisions on the best moment to irrigate, apply treatments or harvest the grapes. 

Vinescout runs on solar panels increasing its autonomy and making it very energy efficient.

Economic analysis


Event though the robot is developed enough to reach the market, it is still at a testing phase and there is no company that commercialises it.


Name: No farm available for this technology

by Dr. Radut