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Oz Weeding Robot

Oz is a small robot (40x60x100cm – 110-150kg) which use mechanical technics of weeding without us of inputs. The robot can be use in organic market gardening.

The robot provides 3 different modes:

Manual mode: the robot is directly guided by the user with the help of a wireless remote control.

Tract and follow mode: the robot can follow a person around and transport loads. Oz is also able to tow a small farm trailer to help during the harvesting.

Autonomous mode: Oz follows the crop row of the plot and guides itself. The robot can weed the crops rows without human supervision. To guide the robot automatically in autonomous mode:

  • Crops need to have leaves or be placed on mounds of at least 10 cm height.
  • In between rows a strip between 55cm to 120cm wide is required.
  • At both ends of the plot, the robot requires a strip of clean earth of mowed lawn that’s about 250 cm wide to be able to turn around and start on the next row autonomously.

The Oz robotic weeder comes with a configuration unit that allows you to pick the right operating mode. The unit requires to enter specific information on the plot (number of rows, plot size, etc).

When in autonomous mode, the robotic weeder will send a text message to inform its owner when it finishes weeding. It is capable of detecting potential anomalies during work (obstacles, blocked tools, errors in row length…), in which case it will use text messages to send alerts. The text message function is only available when network coverage is available.

Economic analysis

Investment Cost : Between 20.000€ and 22.000€ (depending of the accessories).


Name: Naïo Technologies
Country: France
235 rue de la Montagne Noire, 31750, Escalquens
Web site: Naïo Technologies
E-mail: Send Mail
Phone number: +33(0)9 72 45 40 85


Name: Station Expérimentale Horticole Bretagne Sud – Auray 56
Country: France
Route du Bono 56400 Auray
Web site: Station Expérimentale Horticole Bretagne Sud – Auray 56
Contact: Le Lan / Jean Philippe Calmet
Phone number: +33(0)2 97 46 30 80


Being autonomous without supervision required there is a time gain to focus on other tasks.
There are different upgrades for the environment without using input, plastic seeting and using less fuel for a tractor or cultivator. Furthermore, Oz uses only 1€ in electricity/hectare (French price).
Oz can increase the hoe and weed frequency and thus stimulate water access, sun exposure and liberate nutrients.
There is an upgrade on work condition by saving from the drudgery of weeding and helping in the transport. Moreover, the robot improves the work conditions in greenhouses because it does not produce exhaust pipe gasses.

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by Dr. Radut