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Welcome to the English version of the IES de Teis website!

We are a Secondary, Higher Secondary and VET School, with Vocational Training courses in Information and Communications Technology as well as Beauty Care and Personal counselling (EQF levels 3, 4 and 5). We have approximately 1,000 students, 110 staff members, where 100 of them are teachers.

We are involved in several Erasmus+ projects: KA102, KA103 and KA107, both on our own and as a part of a consortium. We send abroad an average of 15 students a year, 8 teachers and we receive students and teachers from other countries as well. We lead ITCOM a consortium for a KA107 project with some other partners from several places in Spain, that will result in an exchange of students and teachers with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo.