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Decision support system to optimize irrigation

Irrigation scheduling and dosing is currently determined by the farmer experience. This method is not completely accurate and causes many times an excess of watering which leaches soil nutrients and increases production costs due to wasting water and energy.

IrrigNet is a decision support system that uses cloud computing to collect data on soil moisture and air temperature from sensors installed in the field, weather conditions as well as soil and crop type to determine water scheduling and dosing according to plant needs. The system has different irrigation recipes depending on the crop and soil type. There are currently available recipes for  corn, soybean, sugar beet, potato, onion, cucumber, paprika, vineyards and blueberries but more recipes can be calculated and added on demand. Weather conditions are taken into account to avoid irrigating when a rainfall is forecasted or air temperatures are too high. 

Data collected by the system are stored and processed in the cloud and then, irrigation recommendations are produced and made available through mobile phones or personal computers. 

It has been proven that IrrigNet increases yields up to a 30% and reduces loses due to an excess of irrigation, increasing farm profitability.

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Name: DuravNet
Company that designs internet of things solutions.
Country: Serbia
Antona Čehova 1/2, 21 000 Novi Sad
Web site: DuravNet
E-mail: Send Mail
Phone number: +381 21 528 493


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Allows the farmer controlling irrigation system remotely. This reduces working time and improves work conditions. The system optimizes the use of water, reducing impacts on soil of an excess of irrigation while saving water and reducing energy consumption. The system also increases yield while saving water and energy; this improves the farmer revenue.

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by Dr. Radut