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Drones to scare birds away from crops

Birds cause important losses in crops and fish farms. They can also carry other pests and diseases in their bodies. Most bird scarers have not been designed taking into account birds fear reactions. This makes them ineffective once birds get use to them.

Kowat company studies bird fear reaction to predators (even extinct predators which birds still fear instinctively) and construct drones mimicking their look and behaviour, that can effectively scare them. The devices are also endowed with loudspeakers that can reproduce the predators sounds and an autopilot. The latest drone models incorporate sensors and software that allow the device avoiding obstacles and targeting moving objectives in autonomous flight mode. These developments permit a better flight control and program different flight modes that reproduce predators behaviour more accurately.

Once the bird species attacking the crop or the fish farms are analysed, the drone type is selected and a take-off and landing area is defined. Then the times at which the drone should fly are set depending on the birds behaviour and the flight modes are programmed. The drone will take off and land automatically at the scheduled times. The drone effectiveness scaring birds is checked periodically to make flight schedule and pattern adjustments. Technicians are only required for getting the drone working and for periodical checks. Then the technology works automatically not requiring specialised workers. However, the farm that hires kowat services should have an employer with a flight license for drones less than 2 kg.

The use of drones mimicking bird predators, avoids nets and other methods that harm the birds. By scaring the birds, pests and diseases transported by them are also avoided, reducing the use of pesticides. The drones have been proven to be effective in a 90% keeping birds out of crops and fish farms.

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Name: Kowat biomehanika
Company that offers services to scare away birds from crops through drones that mimic bird predators aspect and behaviour.
Country: Spain
Web site:
Contact: Francisco Morente Sánchez, Jesús Morente Sánchez
E-mail: Send Mail
Phone number: 0034 646 47 83 24


Name: No farm available for this technology


Avoids using methods like nets that harm birds and reduce biodiversity, reduce bird damage to crops and reduce the incidence of pests and diseases brought by birds.

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by Dr. Radut