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Selfdriving tractor

Tractor (in our case Fendt 800 V serie) has installed Fendt Variotronic system in tractor cabin. By GPS antenna is this system connected with stationary antennas from service provider, which covered most of Slovenian land,  this network could control tractor in every moment. Central processing unit in the tractor, capture data from many different sensors and enables autonomously and very precisely all necessary operations for some process - cultivation of land, manuring, setting  potato, spraying with  pesticides and harvesting etc. On the tillaging ground all tracks of the tractor are exact covered  and connected without any waste or deficit of the arable land.


A big touch screen in the cabin of the tractor enables simple and fast settings and effective supervise. Efficiency of the whole system is obvious in the cases of  irregular shape of the field, where sensors on tractor and attachable units are connected through computer and could operate together very precize in self operating mode. For example: adapt the whole aggregate with self opening, or closing single unit like nozzle, manuring cable, sowing unit.

Economic analysis

Investment costs: GPS location services: 500 EUR per year


Name: Fendt Variotronic
Agricultural equipment company part of the AGCO corporation
Country: Germany
Web site: Fendt


Name: Farm Rešet
One of bigger potato producer in Slovenia.
Country: Slovenia
Huje 1a, 4000 Kranj, SI
Contact: Luka Krč
Location: Farm Rešet


Because of optimal working there is more time left for other tasks. The harvest is bigger due to optimal cultivating, fuel consumption is lower and these bring economic benefits.
Driver is just a supervisor so there is a minimum manual work with driving. Consequently a farmer is less tired, there is no danger for injuries and less working diseases. Consumption of fuel is optimal so negative influence on environment is lower.

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by Dr. Radut