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EFOS Trapview

Trapview consists of an automatic pheromone bait, similar to bird food and is equipped with electronics and cameras. In this way we get a very detailed picture of what is caught in the trap. Images including location data are sent daily via the network operator's network to the servers.

On the server, the data is processed and automatically identified by pests. Relevant notifications are made on this basis. At all times and for the entire teran, the user with the web application sees the status of the pest population. The system allows optimal decisions on pest control in the right moment and reduces the use of pesticides. That's why fruits and vegetables look better. There is also a lot of time savings because we do not need a physical approach and a manual review.

The Trapview Web application offers a detailed display of high resolution images obtained from the trap and includes some analytical functions for comparing data over an extended period of time. The software for automatic marking and pest counting can also trigger an alarm for the appearance of pests. It is also possible to connect temperature and humidity sensors to collect local weather data. Based on this, Trapview provides insights into history data and provides a statistical presentation of pests.

Economic analysis

Price of the service: 30,00 EUR / ha (15 EUR - monitoring, 15 EUR forecasts and warnings).


Name: EFOS D.O.O
Private company.
Country: Slovenia
Razdrto 47B, 6225 Hruševje
Web site: EFOS d.o.o.
Location: EFOS d.o.o.


Name: Eurosad d.o.o., Krško
The biggest apple grower.
Country: Slovenia
Cesta 4. julija 134, 8270 Krško
Phone number: +38674904130

by Dr. Radut