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The new agrirouter simplifies data exchange and operational procedures, thus reducing administrative costs and improving economic efficiency. This provides the farmer with more time to do other things. The whole system is controlled via the Internet. The user sets up his own personal agrirouter and sets rules to determine who can exchange how much data with whom. The agrirouter user always has a hand on what happens with his data.

The new tool enables farmers and contractors to optimise their agricultural production processes with regard to efficiency, use of operating resources, and energy and labour costs, from the very start until the delivery of the produced raw material or food. In addition, the option also exists to connect two agrirouters temporarily or permanently for the purposes of exchanging specific data and process optimisation.

Many transfers can be automated in the daily workflow. Handling is also facilitated by a onetime setting of basic parameters which can be altered at any time. The entire data transfer is secure and takes place via a rapid network. All activities comply with current data protection guidelines, or even surpass them considerably when it comes to security concerns. Never forget: the agrirouter transports data, but does not store it permanently.

The agrirouter can be used with any Internet capable device. Connection of your own machinery to the agrirouter occurs via communication units (telemetry boxes), which can also be provided to equip older fleet machinery. The communication units that are available as well as the agricultural software applications that can be used are listed in a publicly viewable marketplace.

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Name: DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG
This project is supported by a consortium of renowned agricultural engineering companies.
Country: Germany
Albert-Einstein-Str. 1. 49076 Osnabrück
Web site: DKE-Data
Contact: Dr. Jens Möller / Dr. Johannes Sonnen
E-mail: Send Mail
Phone number: +49 (0)541 2019 7001


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by Dr. Radut