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Smartbow integrates the following solutions:

Real-Time cow localization: 
SMARTBOW shows you, where your animals are in the barn. At a glance you can see on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet the location of the cow, which has to be inseminated or treated and you know where the animals are, which haven’t been to the milking robot.

Reliable heat detection:
The heat detection and the insemination time are the decisive facts when it comes to fertility management. SMARTBOW offers you the perfect support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SMARTBOW collects the activity around the clock and alerts you automatically in case of heat on PC, Smartphone or Tablet. You are permanently informed about the breeding status of your animals and can inseminate them at the optimum time.

Rumination & health monitoring:
The intelligent SMARTBOW eartag records by an acceleration sensor minute by minute how long your animals are ruminating. Alerts in case of sudden and longer term changes allow early detection of digestive disorders or early recognition of metabolic diseases such as ketosis or ruminal acidosis. This enables a reaction in time to avoid expensive medications or even disposals. The faster you act, the more quickly achieve your animals back performance.

Automated monitoring around the clock:
Each animal has its own movement pattern. The system justify to the animal and learn to detect changes and give an alert at irregularities.

OutdoorReceiver Wireless:
You have the option to integrate pastures and outdoor areas into the Smartbow system to coverage of pastures and outdoor areas.

Economic analysis

Investment Cost:
Running Cost:



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This system allows a complete control of the cow (health, insemination, deliveries ...) with the minimum investment in time.

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