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Autofarm was born with the objective of simplifying the monitoring and management of livestock farms, combining a system of easy management and understanding with the possibility of obtaining real-time large amounts of data from any point that you want to monitor. This facilitates decision making to obtain optimal production results based on objective data and also allows to instantly know any anomaly that can occur through a completely configurable alarm system.

By taking advantage of the latest technological advances, Autofarm allows you to monitor and manage a farm from any location simply by using a device that is capable of connecting to the Internet. In its conception, the reliability of the system has been prioritized but, given its impact, its design allows the Autofarm technicians to act immediately through a remote connection to evaluate and make decisions without the need for a pre-operation shift, which results in in better response times and cheaper actions.

Although Autofarm was initially conceived for pig farms it is perfectly extrapolated to other facilities of the agri-food industry. If anything characterizes Autofarm is its flexibility and nothing prevents it from being implemented in holdings of any sector regardless of its size, either to monitor and control the environment of a small ship or for the acquisition and analysis of large volumes of data from a company with a distributed production environment.

Available monitoring systems:
    • Internal climate (Temperature, humidity ...)
    • External climate (temperature, humidity, anemometer ...)
    • Capacity of silos.
    • Water level indicator in tanks, wells and tanks.
    • Accountants for electrical consumption.
    • Counters or flow meters for water consumption.
    • Gas concentration measurement.
    • Intrusion and presence controls.
    • Proximity radiofrequency applications

Action systems:
    • Passive air conditioning systems (windows, ridge ...)
    • Active air conditioning systems (ventilation, fogging, heating ...)
    • Opening and closing doors.
    • Timed power.
    • Lighting control.
Management systems
    • Management of bait cycles.
    • Control of production expenses (medication, feed, electricity consumption ...)
    • Calculations of conversion rates and average daily profit.
    • Reports and comparative charts to assess profitability evolution.

Economic analysis

Investment Cost: Aproximately 3.500€ (controler, modules, sensors, ...)
Running Cost: Free cost running


Name: Autofarm
Development, design and manufacture of software, hardware and automation for monitoring and remote control of livestock farms, including assembly and installation. Preparation, study, design and execution of technological projects. Design and programming.
Country: Spain
Lugar de Foncuberta, nº23, Maceda. Orense. Galicia
Web site: Autofarm
Contact: Daniel Reboredo
E-mail: Send Mail
Phone number: +34 661 22 20 58
Location: Autofarm


Name: Autofarm
Pig farm that is over 40 years old.
Country: Spain
Lugar de Foncuberta, nº23, Maceda. Orense. Galicia
Web site: Autofarm
Contact: Daniel Reboredo
Phone number: +34 661 22 20 58
Location: Autofarm

by Dr. Radut