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The fields of application of drones and multicopters with thermal imaging cameras (often called thermal cameras or infrared cameras) are very diverse. The cost of using UAVs is low compared to helicopter missions and the copters can be flown at lower altitudes and in inaccessible areas. The thermal imager allows a person location up to 500 meters away on open terrain and delivers very good results in overgrown areas and forests. The thermal cameras are an ideal supplement to already existing ground equipment. The combination of live image, thermography image and conditions on the ground makes it possible to provide a competent assessment of the situation within a very short time.

Analyse économique

One hour - 120 €
Cost for drones approx.. 10.000 €
Heatcamera approx.. 7.000 €


Nom: RUCON Engineering
Country: Germany
Isserstedter Str. 1, 99441 Großschwabhausen
Web site: Rucon
Courriel: Send Mail
Phone number: 0049 36454 12820


Nom: No farm available for this technology

by Dr. Radut