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SensITG is based in two products, the hardware and the software. Each one can work alone or both together. SensITG hardware allows monitoring crops parameters connecting commercial sensors through plug and play technology. Network deployment is easy with SensITG technology, it is not necessary to make a telecommunication project to plan the installation and the agriculture producer can install it himself. When installing, hardware record automatically the GPS position. Sensor readings are sending through the internet using the email, an ftp server or the SensITG software.

SensITG Viñedos is the solution that allows the technical manager of the vineyard to have information in real time and accessible via web on multiple critical parameters of the land, the vine and / or environmental.

A technology that allows to locate multiple measuring points in the vineyards with a single communication cost.

These points can be customized and complete (weather station next to plant and ground sensors) or simple (only certain specific sensors).

All the points communicate with each other without cables and the information is shown in a web provided by ITG, without installing any software in the computers of the Warehouse.


What can be measured? 

The usual parameters of any climatic season together with temperature and humidity of the land and / or leaf; Soil water content; Trunk thickness; Solar radiation ... and any other parameter measurable by sensors on the market. You can also obtain data on evapotranspiration, cold-hours, degrees-day or dewpoint.


What is it for? 

SensITG Viñedos provides immediate and historical information to the technical responsible for making objective decisions. Control key parameters in areas representative of their production, areas critical for the early onset of diseases or areas of experimental production.

    • Prediction and control of diseases

    • Reducing the use of agrochemicals

    • Weather Prediction of Harvest

    • Lower cost in Irrigation Applications

    • Early Detection of Frost ...


Advantages of this technology compared to other solutions?

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology allows you to locate multiple measurement points that communicate with each other without cables and only one of them transmits the data to the Internet, paying only the cost of an Internet connection. In addition, they emphasize their mobility (sensors can be moved, reconfigured automatically), scalability (the network can be extended as much as necessary on surface and no sensors), lowcost maintenance (unlimited range of sensors, carrying a small plate Solar) and personalization (the technician of the crop can receive notifications via e-mail / SMS when the conditions pre-configured by the user are reached).

Economic analysis

Investment Cost: Each control node = 400 € + commercial sensors
Running Cost: free, self installation


Name: Intituto Tecnolóxico de Galicia
R&D Center
Country: Spain
Polígono POCOMACO, Tercera Avenida nº 16, 1º 15190 A Coruña
Web site: ITG
Contact: Jorge Seoane
E-mail: Send Mail
Phone number: +34 981173206


Name: Os Irmandiños
Os Irmandiños cooperativa agraria
Country: Spain
A Rochela, s/n, 27795, Lugo
Phone number: 982 12 34 00
Location: Os Irmandiños

by Dr. Radut