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Monochrome art

Colour or color?

UK_USA Set de pegatinas de viaje

Watch out!

In United Kingdom english, you write "Colour", but in USA english, you write "Color".

That's a good clue to know where the writer is from!

Use only one form, don't mix both or switch between them.

Group task 1. Monochrome painting

20 min
Groups of 4

Create your piece of monochrome art following these steps:

  1. Choose one colour
  2. Collect all the shades and tones of that colour, including markers, paint, watercolours...
  3. Take a piece of paper
  4. Start drawing! Each of you will use a space in the paper.
  5. Take a photo and upload it (only one member of the grup must do this).
Yolanda Cobas from jean luis mazieres on Flickr. Monochrome based on IMG_3618 A.R. Penck 1939