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Check your job!
 Great job!Cool!It could be better...Oh, no...
Finished tasksYou have finished all 5 tasks (2)You missed 1 task out of 5 (1.5)You missed 2 tasks out of 5 (1)You only handled 1 or 2 tasks (1)
TechiqueYou used correctly the properties of colour: colour wheel, complementary colours, temperature, value (3)You made up to 3 minor mistakes (2.5)You made huge mistakes in most of your pieces (2)You made mistakes in all of your pieces (1)
NeatnessYour pieces are neat, no smudged, crumpled or ripped paper (3)You made at least 3 neat tasks (2.5)You made at least 2 neat tasks (2)All of your pieces are dirty or smudged (1)
Your personal touchYou made your personal pieces of art, different from all the rest (2)You made your own designs most of times (1.5)You copied the models most of times (1)You copied the models exactly (1)

Yolanda Cobas Fernández. Check your job! (CC BY-NC-SA)

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