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Muscular strength is the capacity of a muscle or group of muscles to exert the greatest possible force against a resistance.


Static strength: is your ability to hold a pose without movement (concentric and eccentric contractions). Static strength is often measured by isometric exercises. The most common example of static strength is holding the PLANK pose.

Li Sun. Photo of Woman Doing Yoga (Dominio público)

Dinamic strength: is the ability to apply a force repeatedly over a period of time. There is movement (concentric and eccentric contractions).


  • Makes you stronger and fitter
  • Protects bone health and muscle mass

  • Boosts energy levels and improves your mood

  • Improves your cardiovascular health

  • Better self image


There are a lot of strength test, but you will practice standing long jump


Goal: This test measures the explosive power of the legs

Equipment required: tape measure to measure distance jumped, non-slip floor for takeoff.

Procedure: The student stands behind a line marked on the ground with feet slightly apart. A two foot take-off and landing is used, with swinging of the arms and bending of the knees to provide forward drive. The subject attempts to jump as far as possible, landing on both feet without falling backwards. Three attempts are allowed.