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Agility is the ability to move quickly and change directions while maintaining control and balance. Good agility requires a combination of speed, acceleration, balance, power and coordination, plus good reflexes.


  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Improves your cognitive performance.

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Improves recovery times


There are a lot of agility test, but you will practice 10 x 5m shuttle test.

Goal: This test is a measure of speed and agility

Equipment required: stopwatch, measuring tape, marker cones, a flat non-slip surface.

Procedure:  marker cones and/or lines are placed five meters apart. Start with a foot at one marker. On the go signal, the student runs to the opposite marker, turns and returns to the starting line. This is repeated five times without stopping (covering 50 meters in total). At each marker both feet must fully cross the line.