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Fill in the blanks activity

Read the paragraphs below and fill in the missing words.

is the ability to move across the ground.

is our capacity to an effort/activity going for a .

Muscular is the capacity of a muscle or group of muscles to exert the possible against a resistance.

is the body´s ability to move joints and muscles through a of motion without or injury.

is the ability to move quickly and change directions while maintaining and .


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Click on one square on the top row and on one on the bottom row trying to join Physical Capacities and their tests


40 m.


1000 m.


Standing long jump


Sit and Reach test


10x5 m.

Well done

Try again

Fill in the blanks activity

Read the paragraph below and fill in the missing words.

Speed test: The test involves a single sprint over meters, with the time recorded. Start from a position, with one in front of the other.

Endurance test: The aim of this test is to complete meters in the possible time. On the signal, " " all participants line up behind the starting line. On the command ‘ !’ the clock will start, and they will begin running at their own pace. Walking is but not encouraged.

Strength test: The student stands a line marked on the ground with feet apart. A foot and is used. The student tries to as as , landing on both feet.

Flexibility test: The student keeps the floor with legs stretched out straight ahead against the box. Both should be . With the facing downwards,  the student reaches forward along the measuring line as as possible.

Agility test: On the signal, the student runs to the marker, and to the starting line. This is repeated times without stopping (covering meters in total).

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