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Tastes of the world

Welcome to a new learning adventure in which you are going to improve your English skills and your ICT ones.

Spices Flavoring. Stevepb. Pixabay. CC0

This project is about Food and Tastes of the UK. As you should already know in the UK there are four countries: Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Along this project, you will enjoy learning together with your classmates and becoming a foodie.

Cook Food. Comfreak . Pixabay. CC0

The target of this project is to cooperate in the classroom to know everything about food in the UK, even how to cook some dishes.

You have to learn a lot about food, but also how to prepare it. At the end, your recipe is going to take part in the contest of Kid Food Nation (accessed on 22/05/18).

Time to be creative and open your mind and mouth!

General information

This project will be worked in a collaborative way. There will be pair work, team work and individual work. This means that the knowledge will be created by you following the teacher's explanation, but especially by self-investigation and interaction among you and your partners.

Along the pages there are different types of activities you have to do, presentations, work in groups or pairs and even individual exercises.

You have logos that help to understand, don´t worry about the text under the pictures, it´s the title of the photo:



Teamwork team. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

Work with your group. Remember these points:
- Respect the roles: coordinator, secretary, speaker, time keeper.
- Speak in English
- Don´t be noisy.

All class time


Blackboard boys. OpenClipart-Vectors. Pixabay. CC0

All the class must work together with the teacher. Remember:

  • Don´t be noisy.
  • Raise your hand to talk.
  • Pay attention.

Individual activity


Girls read . Kidaha. Pixabay. CC0

You have to work alone in an exercise or activity. Concentrate and don´t waste your time.

Pair work


Chalkboard blackboard. Prawny. Pixabay. CC0

You work with a partner. It is very important to work helping each other, don´t do it individually.



Feedback confirming. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

This is the moment to stop and think what we have done. Use the information you are working with.

What are we learning?


Success Gradual. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

At the end of every page you have to create a video of your progress.  Talk about the activities you are making and the things you are learning in the pages.

Use the vocabulary you learnt.

This is a groupwork activity, and you will do it in a computer. First, prepare what to say and to show. For example, make a drawing or write down important words on a piece of paper.

The program we are using is OBS Studio, here you have a video tutorial on how to use it, it´s quite simple, right?

Save your results in your group folder with the name of the page.

OBS Studio Tutorial for Kids. The authors. CC BY-SA



Poject group. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

This is your final task. Remember to work with your group and present it in front of the class.

100 % completed

One hundred. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

Congratulations! You finished all the tasks. Review your progress in the topic.

The final task is the presentation of your recipe, bringing it to taste it if possible! Also, we are sending them to Kid Food Nation (accessed on 22/05/18). You can elaborate a Google Slides that helps you present your recipe. You have a tutorial here:

Google Slides Tutorial for Kids. The authors. CC BY-SA

Your table is ready!


Table restaurant. Max Pixel. Pixabay. CC0

Bon appétit!

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