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Weather Forecast

The weather


Chalkboard blackboard. Prawny. Pixabay. CC0

Weather forecast sattereday. Trongduc25789. Flickr. CC0

Time for practise the weather! As it is an important part of the media and many times during the year is the big news of the week.

With your partner play the following games in the British Council Learning English Kids webpage.

Weather forecast on TV


Blackboard boys. OpenClipart-Vectors. Pixabay. CC0

Now you have the weather vocabulary fresh, it´s your turn to report about the weather, first let´s watch a bulletin.

Go to the BBC Weather web page and watch a weather bulletin. Discuss these questions in the class.

  • What makes the forecast and presenter engaging?
  • At what speed does the presenter tell the message?
  • How do they emphasise the main point? Verbally and physically?
  • What do you like/not like about?
  • What can you try in your presentation?

Watch the video:

School Report: Reporting the weather with Ben Rich. BBC Academy (Accessed on 02/05/18)

BBC weather forecast from Broadcasting House newsroom. Michal Bělka. Wikimedia. CC BY-SA


Girls read . Kidaha. Pixabay. CC0

These are the tips Ben gives in the video, put them in order while you watch.

a) make it easy to understand
b) make sure you are ready to go
c) enjoy it and have fun
d) what is your main message?
e) know your audience
f) make it interesting

What was the weather like yesterday and today?


Teamwork team. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

Make a bUlletin of the weather. Was yesterday windy? Did it rain? Is it hot today?

Galicia Topo. Edoarado. Wikimedia. CC BY-SA

Tell the weather in Galicia, you can focus on a city or particular area if you want.

STEP 1. Decide the area or place.

STEP 2. Collect information on the previous links. Write down the main information.

STEP 3. Design your graphics: a presentation, a map, what drawings and information to include.

STEP 4. Write a short script following Ben´s structure: 

       1. Introduction: welcome your audience and say something nice about the weather, such as: It is great to have snow in the peak of the mountains. Show a picture and mention your headline.

       2. Middle: explain the weather and the temperatures. You can talk about numbers and technical information.

       3. End: finish with a goodbye and good wishes, such as "enjoy this sunny evening".

STEP 5. Practise in your group and organise who is telling each part.

STEP 6. Check this list, do you have it all under control?

  • What is your top line?
  • Are you explaining the main information?
  • How can you keep your audience's attention?
  • Are you speaking slowly and clearly?
  • What tone of voice are you using?
  • How are you interacting with your graphics?
  • Are you keeping to time?

(Based on the BBC Academy Guide to reporting the weather, accessed on 02/05/18)

Remember to practise well and follow Ben´s tips.

What are we learning?

Record with your group in OBS STUDIO the new words or ideas of this lesson, you can give examples or show pictures.

Do you need help? Have a look at the video with the instructions on Breaking News page.

Save your recording in your group folder with the name: Progress 3.

Success Gradual. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0