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Chalkboard blackboard. Prawny. Pixabay. CC0

Do you think you got the idea? In pairs read carefully and select the option that matches the information in the video. You can watch it again.

Select the right answer:


Time 00:00
Working in news is exciting, but it is very difficult because


We have to invent things to make the news interesting to the audience.

We have to check the information is true and we have little time to prepare them.



Time 00:50
Where is Huw and the team?


He is in the gallery and the team is in the studio watching news.

He is in the gallery with the team preparing the news.

The team is in the gallery and he is in the studio, he is broadcasting.



Time 01:
A good journalist keeps his or her eyes and ears open – everywhere they go.
Making the news means a lot of work behind the scenes.


A journalist is curious, creative and work very hard and fast.

A journalist has big eyes and ears, travels a lot and watches films.

Being a journalist is a good job because you are famous and it´s fun.



Time 01:
Think about what actually makes something news – Almost everything in your day-to-day life.


Things that are funny and curious are news.

Things that interest you or your friends are possible a news story.

Things that the teacher likes are good stories to be news.



Time 02:
Stories can be about your school, the area where you live, the UK/USA or even international.

What do you think could be news in the school?


The principal´s new brown car.

Your sister loses a tooth.

The school is planting trees in a mountain.



Time 02:
Be curious, you can discover something very important or interesting, for example...


A funny story, because people loves having fun. Animal stories or jokes work great.

Something original, we can impress people telling it and get attention from other schools and the media.


True or false about fake news


Girls read . Kidaha. Pixabay. CC0

Read carefully and answer, if you need you can watch some parts of the video again.

Question 1

Fake news is something invented by a journalist.

Question 2

The funny story about a explosive cinnamon roll was not popular in social media.

Question 3

Many people can´t differentiate between fake and real news.

Question 4

Fake news are only about funny or stupid things.

Question 5

The president of the USA disagree with real news, so he says they are fake news.

Question 6

It doesn´t matter the president´s opinion because people believe the press.

Is it Fake News?

Chalkboard Story. 742680. Pixabay. CC0

It´s time for you to work like a real journalist. Get inspiration and think of stories that can make great news. Remember they have to be original, interesting and well presented.


Teamwork team. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

Write two articles, one true and the other fake.

Look at this picture and try to answer all or many of these questions about the story.

Find attached the template to write your article.

Questions. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

You have to follow this model:

Hot Ice Creams. The authors. CC BY-SA

Headline: the title of the story. Keep it short and simple.
Deck: a secondary headline which gives more information or explains the headline.
By-line: name of the writer.
Lead: the first sentences of the story informing the reader of WHO, WHERE, WHAT, WHERE and sometimes HOW and WHY.

Can I detect fake news?

Newspaper Article. Mohamed_Hasan. Pixabay. CC0

You can now read the articles of your classmates and see if you can distinguish real and fake news.

Use this checklist from the BBC Academy (Accessed on 30/04/18) and have a look to: Video 2 helps students to check if something is real (Accessed on 30/04/18).
• Check the source.
• Check other news outlets.
• Check the Image.
• Check your biases.
• Check your instinct.

Finally, it´s a good idea to make a newspaper! You can have the real vs fake news sections.

Enjoy reading your own work!

What are we learning?

Record with your group in OBS STUDIO the new words or ideas of this lesson, you can give examples or show pictures.

Do you need help? Have a look at the video with the instructions on Breaking News page.

Save your recording in your group folder with the name: Progress 1.

Success Gradual Career. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0


Hey! Do you have some free time?

You can listen to this podcast from the BBC explaining how journalism is changing nowadays. While listening you can do the questions they propose as well (Accessed on 30/04/18).

How do you read your news? 6 Minute English. BBC Learning English (Accessed on 30/04/18)