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Advertising time

Ads, oh delicious!


Blackboard boys. OpenClipart-Vectors. Pixabay. CC0

Welcome to this break from the information, now you can enjoy watching videos or nice photos.

You don´t have to think of anything, just look, are you hungry?

FFC Dinner Ad. Chelly Cruz. Flickr. CC BY-SA

Talk with your classmates about the picture:

  • Do you want to eat meat?
  • Does advertisement make us feel thirsty or hungry?
  • Does advertisement have big influence over us?
  • Have you ever bought anything because you saw it in an advertisement?

What´s advertisement?



Chalkboard blackboard. Prawny. Pixabay. CC0

On the Wikipedia article above, look at the information in italic format  under the title.

In what other ways can you say advertisement?


Ad, Advertiser, Adverts, The Adverts.

Ad, Advertiser, Adverts.

Ad, Adverts.



Look at the lead of the article in the first paragraph. What´s advertisement?


Advertisement is video on TV trying to sell something.

Advertisement is a marketing instrument, it promotes a product or service using media or outdoor platforms for example in the street.

Advertisement is in open and free TV channels, newspapers or other media, so you don´t have to pay for the contents.



Ads didn´t exist one hundred years ago.


False, they existed more than one hundred years ago.

False, they existed more than fifty years ago.

False, they existed more than five thousand years ago.



Look at the first picture of the advert:


The advert is not similar to the modern drink ads but they had the same logo more than one hundred years ago.

The drink is recommended for children because it´s sweet.

It is a modern advert because the company uses the same logo. The date is a mistake.


Forms of advertising


Blackboard boys. OpenClipart-Vectors. Pixabay. CC0

Billboard Study #10. David Evers. Flickr. CC BY

We see adverts everywhere:

  • Outdoors: buses, taxis , buildings or billboards.
  • In the media: TV, radio or newspapers.

But a new form of advertisement is growing, before watching the video check out these words in Cambridge dictionary:

  • Content
  • Editorial
  • Ambiguity

What is Native Advertising? Commercial Content and Ad spaces. Circus Street (Accessed on 02/05/18)

Can you guess who is paying for this article in The New York Times, it´s one of the most famous newspapers (Accessed on 02/05/18).

Discuss about:

- What happens when nobody wants to pay for the news?

- How newspapers and the media on the internet get the money?

- Is it possible to write an article saying only good things about a company, not the real facts?

Creating news and ads


Teamwork team. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0

Imagine you work on the online version of a newspaper and a company wants an article that help to promote a new product or service. For example a new ice cream.

You have to create an article with the same template and format of the "Extra! Extra!" page.

Hot Ice Creams. The authors. CC BY-SA

In addition you have to do a small advert to put at the end of the article, about the same product or service, showing the brand.

Announcing EHO! The smallest box camera. Jussi. Flickr. CC BY

What are we learning?

Record with your group in OBS STUDIO the new words or ideas of this lesson, you can give examples or show pictures.

Do you need help? Have a look at the video with the instructions on Breaking News page.

Save your recording in your group folder with the name: Progress 4.

Success Gradual. Geralt. Pixabay. CC0