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VOCABULARY: Free time activities

Exercise 1

The picture below shows a total of 20 leisure time activities. Match each number with a word from the box. Go to to look up new words.

Reading the newspaper - watching TV - fishing - reading a book - surfing - drawing - painting - cycling - playing a musical instrument - skiing - snorkelling - playing cards - playing video games - climbing - skating - surfing the web - playing chess - canoeing - playing board games - horse riding


Vocabulary: 20 free time activities. Ana Losada e José Luis Murado. CC BY-SA


  1. a
  2. the
  3. the
  4. a

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Exercise 2

Classify the activities above into the corresponding column. Add 2 more words to each column.

Sports Games ICT Arts & culture









Exercise 3. Verbs with activities: Play, go or do?

Write the activities below in the correct column.







Exercise 4

Read the sentences below. The adjectives in bold type can be used o describe free time activities. Are they positive or negative? Fill in the blanks with either + (positive) or (negative).


  • I find table tennis boring
  • Listening to music is very relaxing
  • Going running is good to keep fit
  • Climbing is a bit dangerous
  • Karate is sometimes aggressive
  • Skiing is too expensive
  • Drawing is a creative activity
  • Reading books is really interesting
  • Playing chess is quite difficult
  • Watching TV is easy

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Bonus Task

Need more practice?To do more vocabulary exercises about free time activities, click the links below:
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You will be taken to Learning Chocolate, a very useful website to learn vocabulary as it includes wordsorganised into categories and plenty of exercises to revise their spelling and pronunciation.


Watch the following tutorial to learn how to use the site:

How to use Learning Chocolate to Improve Your English. Vídeo de Curso Tic Oral Skills en YouTube. Licencia CC BY