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Exercise 1. Common feelings

The picture below shows a total of 9 emoji showing different feelings. Match each number with a word from the box.

happy - sad - surprised - confused - interested - tired - in love - angry - scared


Text. Ana Losada e José Luis Murado. CC BY-SA


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Exercise 2. Common and extreme adjectives of feeling

The adjectives in the box below are extreme. Complete the chart below by writing the extreme adjective next to their common counterpart as in the example.


thrilled - devastated - shocked - puzzled - terrified

furious - exhausted - fascinated - madly - in love


Common Extreme

Example: happy




in love














To review common and extreme adjectives, go to Unit 2, section 2.3; Unit 5, section 5.2.

Exercise 3. Very and absolutely

Complete the gaps below with very or absolutely.

  1. After working for 8 hours, Peter was exhausted
  2. The bad news made Mary feel sad
  3. They passed their exams and so they were thrilled
  4. Jack is interested in this computer
  5. This can't be true! I'm shocked
  6. I was surprised to hear that Lucy was ill
  7. We were late and the teacher got angry
  8. Your mum will be furious if you lose her wallet

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Bonus Task

Would you like to learn more adjectives to express feelings? Click the links below:


You will be taken to Learning Chocolate, a very useful website to learn vocabulary as it includes wordsorganised into categories and plenty of exercises to revise their spelling and pronunciation.


Watch the following tutorial to learn how to use the site:

How to use Learning Chocolate to Improve Your English. Vídeo de Curso Tic Oral Skills en YouTube. Licencia CC BY