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Types of film

The picture below shows a total of 9 types of film or film genres . Match each number with a word from the box.

Epic - horror - romance - animated - comedy - adventure - sci-fi - musical - thriller


Vocabulary: Types of films. Ana Losada e José Luis Murado. CC BY-SA


  1. (science-fiction)

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People in cinema

Match the words in the box to the definitions below

  • These are the people who watch a film in theatres.
  • This person directs the actors in a film.
  • These people have very small parts in a film.
  • These are the most famous actors in a film.
  • This person finds the money to make a film.
  • The fictional person in a film.

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Bonus Task

Need more practice?To do more vocabulary exercises about types of film and people in films, click the links below:

You will be taken to Learning Chocolate, a very useful website to learn vocabulary as it includes wordsorganised into categories and plenty of exercises to revise their spelling and pronunciation.


Watch the following tutorial to learn how to use the site:

How to use Learning Chocolate to Improve Your English. Vídeo de Curso Tic Oral Skills en YouTube. Licencia CC BY